Upcoming Events

Hi All,

After prayer and careful consideration, we have decided to take some
precautions due to the Corona virus.
Here are the changes so far

       -There will be no Wednesday night Bible Study tonight, 3/18,
until further notice.

       -There will be no Thursday Women’s Bible Study until further

       -There will be no SWOT meeting on Thursday night 3/19.

       -At this time, we have decided to go ahead and have Sunday
services, including Sunday School, for anyone who wishes to
        come. (Although, please be considerate of others and stay home
if you are not feeling well or know you have been exposed to
       someone who is sick. ) We will be taking some special
precautions with how we serve communion and take offering.

       -We will have a Board Meeting following service this Sunday,
March 22nd, in order to further discuss these issues and figure out
         where we need to go from here.

       -We will not be having our “Top of the Hill” gathering in Falcon
on Tuesday, March 24th.

Again, we will try to keep everyone updated and informed. In the mean
time, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get
a hold of Roger or a Board Member.

Thank you for your understanding.
Praying you all stay healthy and safe.

God Bless,
Elbert Christian Church




Feeding 5000 in Haiti – Meal Packing Event 2019

















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Annual Harvest Party 2017

Harvest Party 2017 .htmHarvest Party 3Harvest Party 22017.htm

Thanks to the community for coming out!








Pictures from 100th Anniversary Celebration     2016         

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